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i2020 is launching online services for your convenience and savings.
As previous owners of  Laurier Optical, I2020 and it’s team , have 75 years of experience in the
eye care industry .

We will be able to serve you in  9 different languages  and with 5000 models to choose from  we  offer the largest selection of designer and fashion eye wear in the city of Ottawa.   

Experience and time invested :
The  I2020 online project is the result of 20 years of study and research by the  former owners Laurier Optical   and it is our aim  to   meet complete  patient satisfaction and exceed all expectations with the following priorities  :

1-Ultimate vision  satisfaction ,
2- proper & legal dispensing
3– convenience
4-  proper fit on delivery
5- price & savings.

We have learned from the experience of previous on line suppliers and will put this learning to  good use by giving you the best service possible.   

Over 40% of online buyers unhappy ——————————————
Currently over 40% of online eye wear  consumers are not happy with  the fit,   comfort or prescription  in their new glassess.   Since many of the online providers are from out of province and therefor not regulated by the Ontario College of Opticians there is no protection or avenue of complaint.

What makes I2020 different:
I2020 is the largest private eye care clinic in Ottawa,  carrying the largest selection of eye wear.
In order to    build a  comprehensive patient file with all measurements required for any future purchase, we are offering a free eye exam for every client purchasing for the first time using our online service. .We will pay I2020 doctors ourselves for your eye exam and thereby  ensure that we are able to offer 100% satisfaction, knowing that your glasses will be made to the correct and most up to date prescription.

Service on delivery & after sale:
I2020 will accept online orders from Ottawa , Gatineau , Hull , Aylmer & surroundings  within a maximum of 1 hour  drive from i2020 clinics.  This will ensure that you will have easy access to our location to take advantage of free adjustments and services after sale.  We will also provide you with all the necessary dispensing and lab measurements at no charge, making it easy to order your next pair from I2020 with just a click of a button.

100% guaranteed satisfaction:
I2020 will guarantee that all eye wear dispensed is processed as prescribed by your doctor.
If the doctor changes the prescription within 3 months of purchase,   I2020 will redo  the glasses at no charge to you.

Our GOAL is to make every client feel better ,  see better and pay less !  You will use your eye wear for the next 2 years, make sure you are comfortable with the vision and the fit.


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