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Essilor new transitions is the result of 25 years’ research, works with or without prescriptions, covered by most eye care insurances. Contrary to the traditional Transitions, that do not work in cars, the new transitions work indoors and outdoors, day & night, turns from clear into sunglasses in seconds, works in cars, buses, trains, trucks and airplanes. The new transitions are the no.1 recommended photochromic lenses in the world. Turns into Sunglasses outdoors, and clears indoors to keep lights and glare under control with blue blockers. Blocks 100% of both UVA & UVB, protects eyes from the sun UV radiation and blocks the harmful blue light from digital devices, computer screens, or any artificial light. Keeps light under control.   


The new transitions are the ultimate protection of any driver from the sunlight damaging UV. Radiation & from the harmful blue light indoors like outdoors, blocks the blue light from any computer screen or digital devices. Drivers transitions works with or without prescription, it is covered by most eye care insurances. The new driver’s transitions are polarized to enhance the driving visual performance by automatically keeping every light under control day and night. Fits the lifestyle of drivers that are active outdoors like indoors. Drivers with transitions are protected at all time from any glare or any harsh artificial light days and nights. Transitions will improve any driving experience by keeping automatically every light under control, works with or without prescription. One single pair of eyeglasses will do as sunglasses outdoors and clears indoors for multi use purposes. Drivers will never worry about fishing their sunglasses again.   


The new transitions are designed to accommodate kids like adults protecting the eyes from the harmful blue rays generated by digital devices and computer screens. While the same lenses will turn in seconds into sunglasses outdoors to protect the kids from both UVA & UVB rays. The new generation of today’s kids are spending an average of 8 hours a day on computers and digital devices, most kids are unaware of the damages caused by the sun U.V. rays and the harmful blue light that can lead to age-related conditions such as Muscular degeneration, cataracts & other eye conditions that can compromise kids healthy sight. The new transitions fit every age and every lifestyle, not only blocks the blue rays, but turns into cool sunglasses in seconds to protect kids eyes outdoors from the damaging sun. It works with or without prescription and is covered by most eye care insurances. A leading technology in the Eye-care industry that filters the harmful blue light indoors like outdoors, while protecting your eyes from the sunlight UV radiation and provides variable polarization by adjusting automatically to every light enhancing the visual performance day & night. Most kids don’t like wearing eyeglasses, by knowing that their eyeglasses are special and turns into sunglasses outdoors, will definitely attract them to have cool sunglasses that turns clear indoors automatically protecting them from mobile devices and non ending digital games. The new transitions are the ultimate protection for kids eyes indoors like outdoors.


The new transitions will adjust to every unique shade, to keep lights under control and to protect your eyes from the sun dangerous U.V. Rays and the harmful blue light. The transitions are the loving lenses of professional golfers. Provides automatic protection against glare and blue light, with polarized transitions for 100% U.V. Protection at all time.Transitions will provide full protection on golf courses from the sun damaging UV radiation, while protecting your eyes from blue light outdoors and indoors, blocks any blue light from digital devices or computer screens. Will adjust to every light while enhancing the visual performance in any light or weather condition. Golfers care for the best vision! transitions are their favorite lens.   


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